How to reinstall Malwarebytes Premium?[ Live Chat : 800-864-4162 ]

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 Reinstall Malwarebytes premium – [ Live Chat: 800-864-4162]

If you are searching for “how to reinstall Malwarebytes premium” well your search is now over here. In this article, we will tell you how to reinstall  Malwarebytes premium. Malwarebytes is used to find and detect Malware, spyware, and viruses which can have a devastating effect on your system. Some strings of malware target the Malwarebytes program and its related files to prevent it from running and removing the malware. In such case, a full uninstall and reinstall Malwarebytes premium is required.To save your precious time, we provide a 24-hour support which can solve your query anytime and anywhere. The Malwarebytes support number that is flashed below will not only provide the best solution but also gives the overview of this antivirus.Now, we will tell you how to uninstall Malwarebytes-

reinstall malwarebytes premium

Follow the following procedure to uninstall Malwarebytes from your system-

  • Click on “start” and then “Control Panel”.
  • Click on the “Programs and Features” icon in the control panel.
  • Scroll down to the “Malwarebytes Anti-Malware” listing and right click on it. Click the “Uninstall”.
  • Click yes when asked “Are you sure you want to completely remove Malwarebytes” Anti-Malware and all of its components.
  • Click “Yes” when prompted to restart your computer.

 How to reinstall Malwarebytes premium –

Follow the following steps to reinstall Malwarebytes premium-

  • Visit the Malwarebytes website and click on the “Download free version” link.
  • Save the Malwarebytes installation to your desktop.
  • Double click the Malwarebytes installation file on your desktop.
  • Select the installation language you require and click on “Ok”
  • Click next and then click “I accept the agreement”option before clicking next again.
  • Click Next and then Next again.
  • Click on Next to leave the default start menu folder as it is. Tick the “Create a desktop icon” and “Create a quick launch icon” boxes if you want either a desktop icon, quick launch icon or both. Click Next.
  • Click “Install” to begin the installation.

Malwarebytes is a powerful and reliable security product that can meet the requirements of all the users.This is the best procedure to reinstall Malwarebytes premium.


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