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AOL is nothing but an online email service provider. The AOL email support provides services which let you to use email hassle free. With time, AOL has rapidly began to gain popularity and in no time. The AOL email support provides 24*7 services. Today, we are providing you a large number of services to its users which include email service, web portal, instant messaging and also a web browser.

Why does the AOL mail is not working ?

aol mail is not working

This is one of the most commonly encountered errors by AOL users. Often, the users see that they are unable to use AOL mail properly as their mails are not being sent. This problem may occur due to a variety of reasons but there are a number of ways to get rid of this error.

Getting errors or issues like AOL mail not working on iPhone :

Countries  Toll-Free Number
AOL mail support number USA  1-800-934-1090
AOL mail support number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
AOL mail support number Australia  0384004575
AOL mail support telephone number Canada  1-800-934-1090
AOL mail Support number New Zealand  800-449-076

Simple steps to troubleshoot AOL mail is not working 

The various ways to troubleshoot this issue AOL mail is not working are as follows:

METHOD 1: The first method that we have in hand is to restart your computer. This is the most basic way to get rid of any rid of issue like AOL mail is not working that you may face while you are working on your device. Restarting your computer will help you to clear all the internal memory (RAM) of your computer and may help you to get rid of your issue. However, if your issue is not fix regarding problems reading or receiving AOL Mail.

still persists even after restarting your computer, then you will have to move on to the next methods.

METHOD 2: The next method is to use a different browser. It may so happen that you are using an old and outdated version of web browser which is preventing you from using AOL mail properly. If you are unable to use AOL mail using Internet Explorer then you can download Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and try to send the mail once again.

METHOD 3: The third method is to check you display name. If you have any combination of AOL in your display name, it will prevent you from sending mails. So, to make sure that your display name does not have AOL in it you will have to check the Mail settings as hackers will often change your name to prevent you from using your account properly.

METHOD 4: The fourth method that we have in hand is to clear the cache, cookies and browser history as they may interfere with the normal proceedings of our computer. Clearing cache, cookies and browser history will return the web browser to its initial clean state and this may help you to get rid of your problem like AOL outage or service down.

METHOD 5: The fifth method is to check the firewall settings of our computer. Firewalls are used to prevent unwanted users from gaining access to our computer. But sometimes, it may so happen that the firewall may identify useful software as harmful and prevent us from using that software. So, sometimes, it becomes inevitable for us to disable firewall to get rid of our issue like AOL mail not working on iPhone.

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