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How to fix Avast firewall not working

Avast is a multinational cyber security software company. Avast anti-virus is one of the families of the network security applications developed by Avast software company. This mainly focuses on computer security, browser security, firewall, anti-virus software and some other services. however there are some cases when people do experience that their Avast firewall not working. Firewall protects your database and software from the attack of external entities. It checks the files and the connections that are coming from the outside the computer and scans for threats and blocks if they try to harm you computer. This error is displayed as shown in the diagram.

Avast firewall not working

One computer should have only one hardware firewall and one software firewall. If you use two firewalls they cause issues with connectivity to the Internet or the network may be disconnected and may also cause to Avast firewall stop working. Running multiple software firewalls can cause conflicts that are hard to identify and difficult to troubleshoot. Using a second software may prevent Avast from opening. Many of the operating systems provides a built-in firewall, you need to disable it if you want to use Avast.

If something stops firewall from opening then it may not launch automatically due to the stopped conflicts. Restart your computer and launch Avast. Click “Firewall” ,” and then click “Start” to activate the firewall. Zif you find any application rules setup then try to clean them in the firewall menu to identify whether any of those rules are affecting firewall.

Repairing your Avast installation through Windows is one of the best ideas to avoid firewall errors. To repair Avast software,  open “Programs and features” from your “Control panel”. Select Avast and click “Repair”. Problems related to your program are fixed and your may function regularly.

If you still get an error from firewall then download Avast clear to completely erase Avast from your computer. Select Safe mode under “Advanced repair options”. Click OK. Once un-installation is completed. Refresh your computer, download and install a fresh version of Avast and setup firewall settings.

  1. Download the latest version of Avast. Uninstall the old version.
  2. Save the downloaded software.
  3. Refresh your computer.
  4. Install and run Avast firewall using setup in Safe mode.

Re installation of Avast firewall will resolve problems such as Avast firewall not working and many more, which affect your firewall from blocking those entities which harm your computer.

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