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Error : Bitdefender not responding

Company: Bitdefender Antivirus

Contact : Bitdefender tech support @  1-800-934-1090

Bitdefender isn’t responding. How to resolve bitdefender not responding?

Bitdefender is a cyber security and anti-virus software company. It develops and sells anti virus software, internet security software, and a range of other services. It has different versions for different operating systems.

Are you getting issues like bitdefender not responding, Contact Bitdefender support

Countries  Toll-Free Number
Bitdefender support number USA  1-800-934-1090
Bitdefender support number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
Bitdefender support number Australia  0384004575
Bitdefender support telephone number Canada  1-800-934-1090
Bitdefender number New Zealand  800-449-076
  • For Windows, there are products such as Antivirus, Internet Security, Family Pack, and Total Security products. These products include services such as malware protection, Internet Security, Webcam Protection, Parental Control etc. depending on the requirement of the users.
  • For Mac, “Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac” is available in the market. It includes adware removal, ransomware protection, secure online shopping, malware protection and cloud-based protection.
  • Bitdefender offers “Bitdefender Mobile Security”– a cloud-based security system for Android and iOS users.
  • Bitdefender offers “Bitdefender Gravity-Zone” for big businesses.
  • It offers another software for small enterprises called “Bitdefender Gravity-Zone Business Security”. The software features include Endpoint security, Management options, Process Inspector, Anti-exploit and other features.

Bitdefender isn’t responding. How to resolve bitdefender not responding?

Step 1- Uninstall any other security system you might have on your computer. Reinstall Bitdefender afterwards.

Step 2- Update Bitdefender

  1. Right click on the Bitdefender icon.
  2. Select “Update Now”.
  3. Reboot your computer after the update is complete to make sure the system is working smoothly.

Step 3- Stop the Auto Scanning Process.

Step 4- Verify that all the Bitdefender Antivirus services are functional.

Step 5- Update Your Computer Operating System.

Step 6- Uninstall and reinstall Bitdefender.

  1.       Press the Windows key and then type X.
  2.       Look for the “Control Panel” and click it to open.
  3.       Go to Remove/Uninstall a Program and click.
  4.       Find the Bitdefender icon in the list, and click it to uninstall it from your computer.
  5.       Once the uninstallation is complete, press OK in the dialogue box that follows.
  6.       Reboot your computer to make sure your system is running smoothly.
  7.       Perform a fresh installation of Bitdefender on your computer now.

Step 7- Install Bitdefender in Clean boot mode.

  1. Log on to the computer as an administrator.
  2. Make sure all your important files are saved and then close all running programs.
  3. Press the Windows button and then type msconfig.
  4. Go to “System Configuration” in the following window.
  5. From the Services tab of the System Configuration dialogue box, click “Hide all Microsoft services” and then click on “Disable all”.
  6. Next, open Task Manager from the Startup tab.
  7. In the Startup tab in Task Manager, select each item and click Disable.
  8. Close Task Manager.
  9. In the System Configuration dialogue box, click OK.
  10. Reboot the computer.
  11. Install Bitdefender on your computer after the clean boot and then run it.

How to reset the computer after the clean boot installation to resolve Bitdefender not responding?

  1. Press the Windows button and type msconfig.
  2. From the General tab of the System Configuration window, click on the “Normal Startup” option.
  3. Click the Services tab and unmark “Hide all Microsoft services”.
  4. Click “Enable all”.
  5. Click the Startup tab, and then open Task Manager.
  6. Enable all the startup programs from the task manager and click OK.
  7. Restart the computer to make sure everything is running smoothly.

If none of the above steps solves your problems like bitdefender services are not responding. please restart the computer, contact Bitdefender customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are facing the issue that the Bitdefender applications is creating glitches or simply not responding or working where even reinstalling it does not seem to help or work. To deal with this simply one can try to check this through safari where they can enable and disable the extensions in relation with it and it might solve the issue.
Bitdefender is a decent and trusted antivirus software for the Mac due to good security and safety. It also offers protection tools and directions that is credible for the Mac which does not harm or interfere with the laptop’s tasks along with other features that are well reputed and good.
If one wishes to reinstall Bitdefender they can follow the required steps-
1. Hold the mac key or the windows key simultaneously.
2. A command box will appear, type appwiz.cpl
3. Locate the bitdefender product in the list then right click on it then when the options appear, click on reinstall and the process will be completed.
To remove or uninstall Bitdefender, search the bitdefender application and open the folder. The option of bitdefender uninstaller should pop up. Choose both the options that appear that is, Bitdefender Antivirus and Bitdefender VPN, then click on uninstall. You will be required to enter your credentials after that, do it. Once it is done and uninstalled, do not forget to go to the library and folder to clear its excess files and unnecessary junk and data.
Bitdefender scanner for virus’ in mac and windows is a free application that deals with the virus’, adware, etc and gives your computer extreme protection, safety and absolute security. However it also has paid subscriptions which has even more features and functions that makes the process smooth and easy.
Usually any anti-virus’ applications and programs slow down the computers and laptops due to their high function features. The impact on the computer after installing is inevitable. However, many have given the feedback that bitdefender if in compliance with your device does not slow down or impact your computer and its tasks that much in comparison to other devices.

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  • Elina Reply

    I wish to show thanks to you just for bailing me out of this particular trouble.As a result of checking through the net and meeting techniques that were not productive. Big thanks for this Detailed Article !

    • John Reply

      I am really glad that you found our blog helpful Elina. Keep Connecting!

  • Wallia Reply

    Microsoft caused the issue so why should we spend money to fix it? I am sure they are aware of it. They should provide a fix of some sort. “Disabling all the Services tab of the System Configuration dialogue box helped me.

    • John Reply

      I totally agree Wallia, though if you find it difficult to resolve this issue yourself, do contact us and we will connect you to our technical expert and we’ll figure out a solution in your budget. Thanks!

  • ross Reply

    I had the same issue with Bitdefender.Maybe there was a program update There was”application not responding” message but later it vanished and the interface is not lagged anymore or locked up.. also, I don’t know what happened but it’s been working for the last two days. Thanks for this detailed article on how to resolve the Bitdefender error. Uninstalling and reinstalling Bitdefender did work.


    • John Reply

      I am glad that it worked! Thanks for reading Ross!

  • Dannny Reply

    Looks like I had a problem with browser and tracker I’ve had the same issues and found that enabling Web Protection for all listed browsers has returned the Bitdefender.
    It could also be the privacy anti-tracker settings (again all browsers)enabled for all browsers and for me, the issue goes away. Though I think update on virus definition may also affect Bitdefender.

    • John Reply

      Try Installing Bitdefender in Clean boot mode. That may help. If the problem still persist you can contact our technical experts on Toll-free number +1-800-934-1090 for fast and hassle-free support. Thanks

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