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Error: BitDefender Setup has Encountered an Error

Description: BitDefender is a company that offers you the net security, end security, etc. This error usually occurs due to incomplete installation.

Support Number: +1-1-800-934-1090

Why BitDefender Setup has Encountered an Error occurs?

Bitdefender Setup has Encountered an Error is a common update issue that it mainly arises due to the BitDefender threat scanner issue. To avoid this problem, users often send all the corrupted files to the developers of the application for resolve. The more suitable cause for this particular error message is due to corrupted permissions of the operating system. This most desirable cause known as a serious issue faced by users while working with Bitdefender software. This found a proper solution to Bitdefender Error by following each step in detail as follows:

General Causes of BitDefender setup has encountered an error

These are some of the common issues responsible for this issue.

  • Bitdefender error can due to corrupted Spybot’s files
  • Due to an incomplete installation of another antivirus or security program
  • Because of Spybot program folder is not opening due to malware and virus issues
  • The Bitdefender Removal Tool is not working properly.

BitDefender setup has encountered an error

Steps to Fix Bitdefender Setup has Encountered an Error:

Following are the steps which you should follow if you face BitDefender Setup has Encountered an Error:

Step 1: by Running the repair tool

The very primary thing what users need to do is simply to use repair tool for smoothly repair all missing tools as well as corrupted files

Step 2: perform Windows update

Now, perform all other Windows updates to ensure that the latest Service Pack installed of the Bitdefender system

Step 3: Set-up manually fixing up the error

Manually add all necessary permissions to your Bitdefender installation folders and to do this, we need following steps to be performed:

The first thing which you need to perform is to manually create the requested path:

C: Program Files Common FilesBitdefenderSetupInformationand now inside the SetupInformation folder, users need to create another folder named which will be named as: {6F57816A-791A-4159-A75F-CFD0C7EA4FBF}

In the next step right-click on the “{6F57816A-791A-4159-A75F-CFD0C7EA4FBF} folder” and then hit on

Now, simply click the “Security tab” icon and then click the ‘Edit’ button

perform a proper check on the box which is situated just next to the ‘Full Control’ icon.

Now set the full permissions option by following all the above steps of this section for the following folders namely:

C: Program Files

C: Program Files Bitdefender –> create it manually if needed.

C: Program Files Common Files Bitdefender

After setting the permissions carefully on the folders above, restart your computer and then, download the Bitdefender installation kit for the product.

From the downloaded file, extract the content which is located just inside the folder “6F57816A-791A-4159-A75F-CFD0C7EA4FBF”

Right Click on “exe’ file, and then, navigate to the extracted “Bitdefender files”. Here users need to extract all its contents in the same location

You will see that one of the extracted files will be “exe” and right-click on the “installer.exe” file and then, choose the “Run as Administrator” icon to easily begin the Bitdefender installation process.

Alternate Easy Ways to Fix BitDefender setup has encountered an error:

All the problems and they also develop advanced troubleshooting approaches to fix this problem instantly.  Follow the steps mentioned below to fix BitDefender setup has encountered an error:

Method 1: Fix All the Corrupted Files

  • Firstly, click on the ‘Start’ button and select ‘My Computer’
  • Next Download the other files if you are unable to locate the file named ‘SDAV.dll’
  • Next, go to Spybot
  • Later follow a set of on-screen instructions to complete all the steps successfully. You can try another method if the previous method is not giving you the desired result.

Method 2: Remove BitDefender

  • Firstly, Open Internet Explorer to download the BitDefender Removal Tool
  • Next, Run and execute the downloaded software
  • Then Follow some on-screen directions to remove BitDefender
  • Finally, if it is not working try to download the removal tool again and reinstall it


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