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How to fix Bitdefender wallet not working

Sometimes, it may so happen that you get a message saying Bitdefender wallet not working, but to understand why that happens, let us first go through the basics.

Bitdefender wallet not working

Bitdefender is a Romanian Internet security software company, represented through subsidiaries and partners in over 100 countries. The company has been developing online protection since 2001. In September 2014, the company claimed to have its technologies installed in around 500 million home and corporate devices across the globe.

The Bitdefender products include anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities against Internet security threats such as viruses, Trojans, rootkits, rogues, “aggressive adware,” spam and others, and that their applications include web protection, cloud antispam, firewall, a vulnerability scanner, parental controls, file encryption, device anti-theft and backup for corporate and home users. In 2016, the company claimed that its products now include profiles for performance optimization, a secure browser for online transactions, and a virtual wallet option to save passwords.

Bitdefender makes antivirus products for home users as well as businesses. Home editions support Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. Bitdefender competes in the antivirus industry against Avira, BullGuard, F-Secure, FRISK, Kaspersky, McAfee, Panda Security, Sophos, Symantec and Trend Micro among others.

Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device

Bitdefender Total Security Multi-Device is a security suite for Windows, Mac and Android devices that is claimed to protect the devices through machine-learning technologies to improve malware detection and enhance proactive security. The company claims that the technology is based on processing the newest malware information available to predict and block future outbreaks as fast as possible.

Bitdefender Wallet is the password manager that helps you keep track of your passwords, protects your privacy and provides a secure browsing experience.

Using a single master password to access your credentials, Wallet makes it easy for you to keep your passwords safe.

Once the installation of your product is finished and you open your browser, you will be notified through a pop-up window that you can use Wallet for an easier browsing experience.

In order to access the Wallet please select the Privacy section from the main program interface. In there you will find the Wallet option.

Two main tasks can be performed in here:

  1. Create a new Wallet database to protect your passwords
  • open the Bitdefender interface
  • click on the Privacy panel
  • under the Wallet module, click on Create new Wallet > click on Start Fresh
  1. Import an existing database if you previously used Wallet on your system.
  •  open the Bitdefender interface
  • click on the Privacy panel
  • under the Wallet module, click on Create new Wallet > click on Import

Other Wallet options

Also, you can make other configurations for this feature by accessing the Bitdefender interface > Privacy > Wallet; at this point you can select which applications are enhanced to be used with the feature and make custom settings regarding the Master password, Autofill or secured logins.

How bitdefender wallet not working crops up:

Maybe for the past 6 months or more Wallet isn’t signing-in properly on many sites. Bitdefender wallet not working may also crop up if Firefox has blocked your Wallet.

Bitdefender wallet not working should be tended to immediately and given the due attention.

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