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How to fix Brother printer not connecting to Wifi

Brother printer not connecting to Wifi

Brother Industries is a Japanese established company which produces electrical and electronics equipment. Printers are one of the products of Brothers which are famous for their good quality. Brother printers can be connected to Wireless network by Ad-hoc or infrastructure mode. In infrastructure mode wireless devices communicate to each other through access point or by a router. Wireless devices are not connected by any router or through any access point in ad-hoc mode.

Follow methods below in order to resolve Brother printer not connecting to Wifi.

  1. Restart your connectivity. Shutdown your computer and printer. Unplug your Wifi router and plug-in after 30 seconds. Restart your computer and printer.
  2. Configure the wireless settings using machine’s control panel.
  3. Connect the AC power cord to your Brother machine and then connect it to an AC power outlet (electrical socket). Turn on your Brother machine. 
  1. Press Menu. 
  2. To choose the Network press up or down arrow keys.
  3. Press up or down arrow key to choose the WLAN and press OK.
  4. Press Up or Down arrow key to choose the Setup Wizard and press OK 
  5. When WLAN is enabled the wireless network. This will start the wireless setup wizard.
  6. Machine displays a list of available networks in search of connectivity. Choose your network among the options provided.
  7. Now your printer gets connected to the wireless network.


Trouble shoot for Brother printer not connecting to Wifi

  1. Check Antivirus and Firewall programs. Some of the virtualization programs create errors which might disconnect your connectivity. It is better to uninstall such programs, after uninstalling try connecting to your network again.
  2. Reconnect printer by modifying Wifi network name and network password. In this kind of situation you have to change the settings on the printer to match the router and the network connection.
  3. Printer usually contains the IP address as that of it’s local network. Suddenly printer’s IP gets changed which creates problems in the communication and may end up disconnecting with the other devices. To avoid this problem change the IP address of the printer on your computer. You will never have this problem if you use the CD that came with the printer to install the printer. The reason why is that the software installed on the computer will automatically detect any address change of the printer and send the print jobs to the correct IP address

If you are getting Brother printer not connecting to Wifi and you are unable to fix it with all of the solutions above it is better to work with solution one for a quick and good result. If you still experience any other problems such as Brother printer not printing yellow or Brother Printer not responding then you can seek help from the guide which is provided by Brother Printer.

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