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How to fix Brother printer not printing yellow

Brother Industries is a Japanese established company which produces electrical and electronics equipment. Printers are one of the products of Brothers which are famous for their good quality. While using printers sometimes some of the colors will not be printed like for most of the users Brother printer not printing yellow. This happens when the nozzles or the ink jets in the print head may be clogged. This may even happen when your ink cartridge is not properly installed.

Brother printer not printing yellow

When you do not replace your cartridges even after low ink light indication, at certain point there is no longer ink in all the nozzles after which you may see that your Brother printer not printing yellow. If the printout is empty then some of all the nozzles are filled with air which prevents blocking of ink flow effectively. You may need to contact to Brother Printer Tech Support Phone Number. This problem might occur with other colors even not only yellow.

Brother printers have a built-in, permanent print head with standard cartridges. They do not recommend you to refill ink cartridges which are potentially incompatible and will result to the Brother printer not printing yellow color. Use of such cartridges may damage your machine and even may provide an unsatisfactory printout.

To overcome this problem, replace your cartridge. When you change your cartridge the printer sucks enough ink from print head through which air bock at the nozzles are removed due to the pressure. Even after cleaning the nozzles if you still experience with this problem for more than 10 times then probably ink in the print head must have been dried. The best solution is to remove the dried yellow ink from the print head. To clean the dried ink, remove the cartridges/print head and clean the nozzles with a paper towel. It only takes a couple of seconds to swipe the nozzles, this even removes the air blocks in between the nozzle.

Troubleshooting Steps for Brother printer not printing yellow

To check the print quality and to clean the print head follow the below steps:

  1. Print a Print Quality Check Sheet.
    1. Try one of the following.
          – If you find INK or INK MANAGEMENT key on the control panel of your Brother printer then press INK or INK MANAGEMENT Key..
      – If not:

      1. Click the MENU key
      2. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to choose Ink or Ink Management.
      3. Click OK.
    2. Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to choose Test Print. 
    3. After adjusting click OK.
    4. To choose Print Quality press the UP OR DOWN ARROW keys
    5. Click Ok.
    6. Now press the Color Start key.

Follow the below steps if your Brother printer is a touch screen.

    1. Click OK or press on Ink indicator.
    2. Press Test Print> Print Quality.
    3. Now press the Color Start key
  1. Examine print Qality of Yellow color.
  2. Compare the print quality of the Check Sheet of yellow color.
  3. The LCD asks you if the print quality is OK for yellow.
  4. The LCD asks you if you want to start cleaning.
  5. When the machine completes cleaning the print head, press Color Start. Another Print Quality Check Sheet will print. Repeat quality check process till yellow color gives a good print.

If you still experience this problem then it is better to replace your cartridge. 

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