How to Connect HP Envy 5530 to computer

Connect HP Envy 5530 to computer

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Connect HP Envy 5530 to computer

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Hello there , don’t know how to Connect HP Envy 5530 to computer Don’t worry then , in this article you will exactly get to know how

Printers are a way of life and have made our lives way too easy and convenient. Not only do they turn it cost-efficient for us but also provides easy and smooth running for tasks.

HP has come up with many such technological products that update features after up-gradation of each model. HP Envy 5530 has various features and the main ones which concern printing, copying, and scanning documents, pictures, notes, etc. However, before it starts functioning smoothly it does demand of a tiny task to be completed from your side that is making Connect HP Envy 5530 to computer. As easy as it sounds it does take the precise following of the instructions and steps so that they don’t create a hassle or refusal to connect or work properly.

Connect HP Envy 5530 to computer



The Connect HP Envy 5530 to computer is not that intricate if one follows the steps properly which are-

Set up the printer

Make sure you unpack your printer, set it up, and fix it in the settings as required. Make sure it is on and running.


One can either use a wireless network for the Connect HP Envy 5530 to computer or a USB Cable which they will use to form a communication of printer to the computer.


  • Make sure that the installation process is completed and after the setup is done, only then connect the USB drive to the printer.
  • -The windows should reflect the option of printers in the device options, once you click on that.
  • -Choose the printer model that you are using and then remove the device.
  • -Download the needed driver from the browser or through the installation CD received.
  • -Be sure to use a driver that is in accordance with your computer and enter the printer model and details as required.
  • -Once that is done, it would be reflecting a list of functions and features and once can easily connect their printer with the computers to run the functions.

Wireless network

  • -If the process is being carried through with the help of a wireless network then make sure that the Wi-Fi network that is being used is the same for both the printer and the computer. Make sure to enter the credentials that are updated and correct so that HP Envy 5530 connect to computer is easy and convenient.
  • -Even in this case one will have to get the HP driver by using the browser that is compatible with the computer one owns.
  • -After installing or downloading it, one can extract the file then get EN543.
  • -Make sure your printer is on and then go to the settings.
  • -There should be an icon that highlights the wireless option, when you tap on that you would be required to the wireless setup wizard.
  • -Once the details have been entered and the instructions shown has been followed, move to the computer or the laptop to make sure that it is connected with the same network as the computer, as soon as it is done, the printer will then be connected to the computer and will be ready for you to start and use its function.
  • However, there are many cases when either the windows is not updated or there are other minor errors that cause the printer to not connect with the computer right away, in that case, please make sure to give it time and read the instruction manual carefully. In the case of glitches, errors, or technical faults, check for faulty network connections and internet issues.
  • If that is not the case then either contact customer service or get professional assistance.

Watch the video and you will clearly understand how to do it.

If you are having any questions regarding hp printer setup then you can call us directly at our toll-Free no.

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