How to Disable McAfee FIREWALL? [Solved]

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McAfee is an antivirus software which protects your system from virus, ransomware, malware, unwanted programs, spyware, etc, and ensures data protection on your system which helps your PC to run smoothly. McAfee Antivirus uses different security analytics, SIEM, and machine learning technologies to detect spiteful actions and create a complete protection network for your devices.
It optimizes the performance of your PC by minimizing the usage of block auto-play videos and bandwidth.
It lets you experience safe internet browsing by protecting the PC from virus and malware attacks while internet browsing.
It is a multi-device cross-platform application that manages and protects all your devices through a simple web page.
McAfee antivirus protection locks your confidential files safely, with the help of encryption and password protection it keeps your personal files protected.
This software is not just for the computer, it is available for laptops, tablets, and smartphones as well.


A firewall is basically a shield protecting your PC from malicious programs and attackers. A firewall is of two types,
Hardware firewall and Software firewall
A Hardware firewall is included in routers which monitors traffic to all the computers and devices that are connected to that router’s network, which means you can filter access to all of them with just one piece of equipment. It provides security for smart thermostats, smart light bulbs, and another internet of things. However, a hardware firewall only protects your PC in your home not outside or on the go.
A software firewall is a shielding wall that runs as a program on your computer or other devices and closely watches network traffic to help intercept malicious programs before they reach your computer.
Also, a software firewall helps you protect both in your home or on go.

Disable McAfee FIREWALL

How To Disable McAfee Firewall In Windows

1.) Look on the left panel of the McAfee window and click on “Firewall”.
2.) On the upper right-hand side, click on the “Turn off” tab. If the firewall page is blank, it indicates that the McAfee Firewall is already disabled.
3.) Now look for the “when you want to resume Real-time scanning” option, from there select appropriate tenure from the list.
4.) Click “turn off” again.
5.) The McAfee firewall will be consequently disabled until the specified time to resume automatically.

How To Disable McAfee Firewall In Mac

1.) At the top right-hand side of the window, click on the green “setting” icon.
2.) From the menu, box click on the “firewall” tab.
3.) A “Firewall” settings window will open, at the bottom left corner click on the “Lock” icon. After that, a pop-up box will prompt you to provide your “Mac Administrator Password”. Carefully enter your password.
4.) At the top right-hand corner of the window, you will get a “Firewall” switch, click on the switch.
5.) And at last close the “McAfee Firewall” window.
Here, you are done with disabling the McAfee firewall.

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