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How to fix error 0x800ccc0b

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Microsoft Outlook is an application software mainly occurs because of sending or receiving emails. This application software is very competent for their users as it has various fostered attributes like an email application, task manager, journals and many others. But sometimes you can see that the Outlook is not operating properly. It may be occurred because of PST corruption.

The PST files are very complicated and intricate in nature due to which they corrupt easily. This happens because of the paucity of required storage space on the hard disk or infection of virus or Outlook because of a power cut. Due to this all the crucial and significant data on the PST files may lose and lead to cause errors like error 0x800ccc0b. Error 0x800ccc0b is one of the errors that are encountered later the corruption of PST files. Error 0x800ccc0b interrupts sending and receiving of emails.


Task ‘machine.domain.xom – Sending and Receiving’ reported error (0x800CCC0B) :’Unknown Error 0x800CCC0B


Task Sending and Receiving’ reported error (0x800CCC0B):’ Unknown Error 0x800CCC0B’

How to fix error 0x800ccc0b

Causes of the error 0x800ccc0b

The Error 0x800ccc0b is very disadvantageous for users utilitarian data and is caused by the destruction of windows system files. This error may also be occurred by many other factors like :

  1. Misconfiguration of Outlook Express.
  1. A fragmentary installation of Outlook Express.
  1. Unprofessional elimination of application or hardware.
  1. Corruption of the system pounced by virus/adware/spyware.
  1. unseemly shutting down the system of the computer
  1.  Power failure leads to this error.

Symptoms of error 0x800ccc0b

When the error 0x800ccc0b is found you will encounter that your system and Outlook PST files are not operating accurately. There are many indicators that show the contingency of this error. Some of the traits or symptoms of this error are given below

  1. Outlook will stop running accurately.
  2. You may have outlook start up the issue because of which it will hang over and over again.
  1. You are unable to send and receive emails.
  1. the error restricts you to access any of the features of outlook like sharing images and much more.
  1. This error may generate scenario which can cause permanent data loss, your PST file mousers to solve over this major error users to solve this major errors corrupt, and it becomes important to fix PST file error.
  1. The system leads to run very slow and it may be possible that it will cause BSOD popularly known as Blue Screen of Death.

If you are facing such a problem you can try to resolve the problem or DIY method to fix the error 0x800ccc0b.  This requires that the user research the exact error message that’s listed on the error pop-up window. But what if it’s a virus causing this Windows error? Or what if your search doesn’t turn up any fixes? If you manage to find the fix, it’s something best done by professional technicians.

You may also have faced problems [Solved] err_connection_refused on chrome, if you are unable to solve the problem of the error 0x800ccc0b on your own don’t worry you can make a call at the toll-free number – 1-800-934-1090.  The experts will help you resolve all such issues that you are facing.

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