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Windows 10 is a software that has its own set default settings, including, font size, font style, and other related properties. But it also allows the users to make some changes in the already set default settings. Default settings might be suitable for some of the users, but not for all of them. Many users prefer to work with bigger font size than the usual default font size. Windows 10 provides you an option by which you can change this already existing default settings done on your computer. You can make default size either large or small, as per your choice.

Yes, it completely depends on you whether your text is in a large size or in a small size. After all some adjustments are to be made while working with different articles, differently.

Windows 10 is also very user friendly interface, that allows its users to do the alteration in the existing default settings in the system, according to their personal preferences, thus, making it possible for everyone to read, write, and understand the content comfortably on their respective computers.

Changing the font size, or specifically, enlarging the font size on Windows 10, is not that difficult. Keep on reading this article to get a better insight!

Steps to make font size bigger on Windows 10:

Adjusting the font size in Windows 10 can be an easy task if you carefully follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, choose the “Windows” icon and search for “Settings” ( or type “Settings” to search for it).
  2. An option named “Settings app” will pop over the window. Select that.
  3. You will find a “Menu” option entitled “ Ease of Access”. Click on that.
  4. Then, click on the “Display”, under which you will find a slider.
  5. Click on that slider, you will get an option of “Make text bigger”. Select that. There you will see a preview of the new text size.
  6. Select the text size as per your preference, and select “Apply”.

Once these steps are followed, you will see that the default text size has changed across the entire Windows system, including all the apps and programs on your computer.

Thus, this where you can change the text size anytime you would want to. You just have to do is, follow the steps given above!

There can be a slight percentage of the users who would not see the option of adjusting the text size in Windows 10. This might be happening because their Windows 10 is not updated. Need not to worry in this situation. The only problem is related to the version of your Windows 10 that is installed on your system. The version installed in your computer is an older version. Also, the windows version 1709 does not allow with the option of text adjustment change in the default text. This option has been re-introduced again in the windows version 1809 and has been carried on forward to the later newer versions. So, the only thing you need to do in this case is, update your Windows 10 version. This will probably solve your problem.


  1. How do I change the size of the font on my Android screen?

To change the font size on your Android screen, go to “Settings”, then “Accessibility”, then “Font size”, then adjust the slider on the screen. This is how your font size will be changed on your Android screen.

  1. How do I make font bigger on my taskbar?

The existing default type of the font on your taskbar can be changed/ altered. This can be done by changing the size of the font on the Active Title Bar settings in the Windows Colour and Appearance window. The changes are achievable by following the given steps-

Go to control panel, then select “Appearance and Personalization”, then select “Personalization”, then go to “Windows Colour”, and finally choose “Advanced Appearance” settings.

  1. How do I adjust the font size?

To adjust your font size, either to make it bigger or smaller, just follow the following step on your phones:

  1. Go to your device’s settings.
  2. Choose “Accessibility”.
  3. Then go to “Font Size”.
  4. There you will find the slider. Adjust the slider to select your font-size.
  5. Yes, you are done by altering your font size on your screen!


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