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Hotmail Not Receiving Emails | Contact Support Number – 1-800-934-1090

Countries  Toll-Free Number
 Hotmail not receiving emails support phone number USA  1-800-934-1090
 Hotmail not receiving emails support phone number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
 Hotmail not receiving emails support phone number Australia  0384004575
 Hotmail not receiving emails support phone number Canada  1-800-934-1090
 Hotmail not receiving emails support phone number New Zealand  800-449-076

Hotmail not receiving emails means that you are no longer have use of using the account because you will not get responses for the mails you send for various purposes like business work , personal work etc. So one has to solve this error if he wants to use your Hotmail account for a meaning. So if you want to get responses for all your emails sent to the people you need to solve this before you loose any important email which can effect your life either in a positive or negative way. There are some steps which might help you to solve in receiving emails into your respective Hotmail account which are explained in a way which can be easily understood by all users.

Hotmail Not Receiving Emails

Steps to solve :

  • Login into your account.
  • Add the sender email address to your contact list.
  • Click options
  • On the left side of page click Mail.
  • Click on Junk email protection
  • Click on safe list.
  • Type the senders domain in that list to save it for further purposes.
  • Then click Add.

Once you follow the above steps you will be receiving all the emails whenever the sender sends you a email. But keep in mind that this will not solve completely but you will definitely receive mail which can take either a short time or sometimes for a longer period of time so patience is must to see whether the above steps are helpful to see whether you received a mail successfully or not. If you do not get the mail then you need to check the basic preferences keeping in mind that you filter into your emails much more than required amount which might gives you a negative result.

So if you want to check the preferences in your mail follow the steps given below :

  • Login into your account.
  • Click options
  • Click on Junk Email protection
  • Click Junk e-mail Filter
  • Set the filter to a low level and then save it.

This steps are enough to receive mails to your Hotmail account and solve that error. Even after performing this all steps still you don’t receive mails then you need to contact to the Hotmail support team as soon as possible to solve it. Even after performing this you are failed then you need to register to a new account with different email address and Hotmail is the only app which will help you to take the members inbox and view the mails.

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