How to change ink in HP envy 4520

How to change ink in HP envy 4520

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How to change ink in HP envy 4520

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Don’t know How to change ink in HP envy 4520 Then read the article and you will get to know how to fix this error.

HP Envy 4520 is one of the most impeccable and reliable products launched by HP. The HP Envy series of products were anyway set to take over the world of fast-paced technology and with the HP Envy 4520 all-in-one printer, it is set to do exactly just that. Apart from its name and reputation, there are a variety of reasons why one should fix their eyes on the HP envy 4520.

How to change ink in HP envy 4520

Advantages of getting the HP envy 4520

  • Wireless printing is no more a far-fetched dream. One can easily scan, print and copy without any hassle.
  • It takes the least amount of space and is easily manageable.
  • The features and the functions are user-friendly which makes it comfortable and convenient to use.
  • The speed and the duplex printing is unparalleled which delivers quicker results in lesser time.
  • The quality of printing and pictures are impeccable which makes it worth its name and reputation.

However, staying aware of all the necessary steps to make the processing of the printer easier is one of the crucial things to keep in mind.

While setting up the printer, there are a few steps that one cannot afford to miss, one of them being inserting the ink bottle.

That is when a striking question enters one’s mind that is ‘How to change ink in HP envy 4520?’ When it comes to processing the printer and its working, inserting the inks and changing them constantly is an imperative task that cannot be overlooked.

Be it due to running out of them, fixing them properly, changing the colors, or simply reinserting them, one should know how to carry out to the process and know the exact solution of how to change ink in HP envy 4520 so that the procedure can get completed without any hassles or issues.

Let us dive into the main question now-

How to change ink in HP envy 4520?

To get the solution of How to change ink in HP envy 4520, follow the simple steps mentioned below-

  • Whenever the printer pops up the notification to remind you of the low ink, one needs to immediately change the ink as it can soon cause hindrance in the printing.
  • If one has already signed up for the ink subscription through HP, then they should easily get the ink delivered.
  • The HP ink cartridges in comparison to any other last for a long and durable time.
  • Push the cartridge tray upwards and lift it until it stays fixed in an accurate and appropriate position. Make sure that the papers are filled and not too stuffed.
  • After the cartridges have moved themselves to the middle position, start pulling or removing the cartridges up and meanwhile keep the other new inks ready. Make sure to have pilled the tape off of them and get them ready.
  • After the old inks have been removed, gently the way it was done in the beginning, start inserting the cartridges slowly, and make sure to press them enough that it slides down to get fixed in a proper position.
  • Make sure they are tightly jammed or locked in the position and are not get loose from anywhere.
  • Close the lid back gently. Once the cartridge door has been closed and fixed the printer itself will analyze the changing of the ink with the new one and then automatically print an alignment page.
  • Make sure the cartridges are in alignment and take note that they are fixed in the downside way to print smoothly.
  • One will be prompted to give confirmation in the control panel, do it and the process should be complete. However, if the alignment does not happen on its own then one has to get directed to the settings option through the control panel. Among the options present, choose the option of tools and from there, select the choice of ‘Align printer’. After which the printer will process the demand and the request should be processed instantly.

Thus, through following the steps mentioned above, one can easily find the answer to their question of how to change ink in HP envy 4520. In case of errors, one can easily get help through professional assistance. And if you have any further query then feel free to comment below or you can call our customer support experts.

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