How to Connect HP Laserjet Printer To Wifi [SOLVED]

Connect HP Laserjet Printer To Wifi

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Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back, you’ve come to the right place. We have the solution. In this article we’ll be looking  on how to  Connect HP Laserjet Printer To Wifi . HP is one of the premier companies of printers that not only deliver quality results but are also affordable. Along with great printing services, HP printers offer scanning, copying and other services. A great thing about these printers is that they are suitable for both domestic and office use.

The latest integration of WiFi into printers has added to the functionality and ease of printing and made it a hassle-free job. But sometimes users aren’t well versed with his exactly the printer is supposed to be connected to the WiFi. Below we have provided simple steps users can take to successfully connect their HP Laserjet printer to WiFi. These steps don’t require much technical background and thus can be performed by anyone. 




Before starting make sure you have an internet connection and the internet is working properly. Make sure you have the Wi-Fi login credentials. Ensure you have all the wires and other cables properly connected.

Steps to Connect HP Laserjet Printer To Wifi

Downloading The Software 

Download the HP LaserJet printer software on your device. This can be accomplished in two ways. You can use a CD to install the software or go to the official website of HP printers and download the firmware.

Connecting Using Different Methods

You can either use the WPS button option to make sure you connect the HP Laserjet printer to the Wi-Fi. But if this is not supported then you could also use another method.

 Go to the control panel on your computer and click on the WiFi option. Once the light starts flashing then click on the WPS button.

Downloading The Printer Drivers

After this download and install the printer driver if you haven’t already. For this you could go to the website and type in the full name of your printer and download the software. Ensure that you type in the name of the HP Laserjet printer and then click on download.

Once the download is done on your computer then go over to the download and make sure you install the software by following the instructions given in the dialog boxes which follow.

Voilà! Your HP LaserJet other is successfully connected to WiFi. Now you can enjoy the convenience of printing without the hassle of wires, from any part of your house or office. 

However in case you still can’t Connect HP Laserjet Printer To Wifi, we recommend checking out the official website of HP printers and then contacting customer service. There are a number of solutions given on the official website that you can check to find solutions to your problem.

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