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Countries  Toll-Free Number
 United States of America  1-800-934-1090
 United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
 Australia  0384004575
 Canada  1-800-934-1090
 New Zealand   800-449-076

Facebook – It sounds too good. Yes, these days, you cannot find people who do not have facebook accounts. Since all such people have their own facebook account. Facebook is such a gifted social network that lets millions of people to stay connected across the world. Facebook is now running smoothly with millions of active users, In this article we will explain.

Day by day, the number of facebook users is increasing like anything. Facebook’s security ease of connecting people are the sole reasons why it has this much fan followers. Besides all these things, the question that runs at the back of most peoples’ mind is that, how to contact Facebook by phone, How to connect facebook customer service email etc. If this is your question too, just read on.

Steps to contact the Facebook through Phone

For so many reasons, people would like to know how to contact facebook by phone. It is nothing wrong in knowing that. We are the facebook users and we have all the rights to get connected with the facebook for many things. Most people think that, facebook would not offer customer service contact numbers at all. If you think like this, then I would say that you are highly mistaken. Since, there is a way to contact the facebook through phone.

Before going to the steps, now let us discuss the phone number through which facebook has to be contacted. You can call facebook at the following two numbers which are as follows:

The users who would like to contact facebook can use these four numbers. Now, moving on to the steps with respect to how to contact facebook by phone, those are as follows,

  • First of all, you have to make a call to any one of the above-mentioned two numbers. After a long ring, you will be greeted with the recorded voice.
  • Keep in mind that, facebook would not afford manual support over the phone call. Rather, the recorded or automated menu will be experienced by the users who make a call to the facebook.
  • Once you experienced the automated menu process, you can choose your menu. The menu which is chosen by you will cater some directions to let you contact the help center.
  • Once you got the access to the facebook’s help center, your question will be answered. You will be provided what you are dreamt of getting.

That is it; this is how to contact facebook by phone. I hope that, now you are clear with the steps to contact the facebook. The users can contact facebook at any time that suits them. The facebook and their help desk are ready to do the needful to the customers. The facebook help desk is available round the clock to assist the customers or users. The facebook help center will be reliable to contact. Added to that, they are liable to their users. They will never hesitate an inch to provide the service what their users need. So, with no doubts at the back of your mind, you can contact facebook by phone.