How to uninstall Mcafee

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How to uninstall Mcafee

Countries  Toll-Free Number
Mcafee Support premium phone number USA  800-864-4162
Mcafee Support premium phone number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
Mcafee Support premium phone number Australia  0384004575
Mcafee Support premium phone number Canada  800-864-4162
Mcafee Support  premium phone number New Zealand  800-449-076

How to uninstall Mcafee

McAfee is an antivirus software owned by Intel and therefore on almost all OEM machines using Intel chip, you will see McAfee security software installed.

Although McAfee may be great in malware removal, it sure can turn out to be a nuisance once the trial period is exceeded, like other trial-ware. If you want to continue using McAfee than it won’t be a problem – you need to pay for the license. But if you don’t, then that can be a bit of an issue. Pop-ups regarding renewing the subscriptions keep popping up and the worst it will also not let you enable the inbuilt Windows Defender security, thus leaving the whole system vulnerable.

While one can uninstall McAfee Internet Security or McAfee Antivirus software via the Control Panel > Programs & Features applet, the process is many a times unsuccessful. Even if it does succeed, it leaves a lot of junk registry and files behind.  Therefore, here I am giving you a sure shot way to uninstall Mcafee on both Windows and Mac systems.

Here are the steps to follow in order to uninstall Mcafee on Windows :

  • Close McAfee if it’s running:  To do so, right-click the McAfee icon in the bottom-right side of the screen and click Exit. You may first need to click the upward-facing arrow here in order to see a list of currently running processes.
  • Open Start: Either click the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner of the screen, or press the Win key. On a Windows 8 computer, you’ll instead hover your mouse cursor in the top-right corner of the screen and then click the magnifying glass icon.
  • Type  add or remove programs into Start: This will bring up a list of programs on your PC, the top-most of which should be the Add or Remove Programs system feature.
  • Click Add or remove programs: It’s at the top of the Start window. If using Windows 7, click Programs and Features.
  • Scroll down and click McAfee Security Center: It resembles a red shield with a white “M” on it.
  • Click Uninstall twice:  It’s below the app’s name (Windows 10) or at the top of the Programs and Features window (Windows 7). On Windows 7, you’ll instead have to click Change or Remove at the top of the window.
  • Click Yes if prompted:  Doing so will allow McAfee’s uninstaller to run.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions: These will consist of confirming your decision, as well as selecting specific components of McAfee to keep if you so choose. Once you complete the on-screen instructions, McAfee will be uninstalled from your PC.

Here are the steps to follow in order to uninstall Mcafee on Mac OS :

  • Open the Finder: This app is a blue face icon in your Mac’s dock.
  • Click Applications : It’s on the left side of the Finder window. Doing so will open the Applications folder in the main Finder window.
  • Locate the McAfee app: It resembles a red shield with a white “M” on it. You may have to scroll down to find it.
  • Click and drag McAfee into the Trash:  The Trash app is in the bottom-right corner of your screen; dropping McAfee here will uninstall it from your Mac.

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