HP Deskjet 3634 How to scan

HP Deskjet 3634 How to scan

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HP deskjet 3634 how to scan

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Don’t know about HP Deskjet 3634 How to scan, well don’t worry here in this article you will know how to fix this scan Easily.

Printers come with multi-features and functions now and how it used to make our work easier before, now it has made it even more fun and effortless. One can be assured of how to be it person tasks like printing cards and pictures or scanning documents and making copies for notes, printers as a commodity are imperative.

Similarly, one of such printers that are well known and easy to process for scanning or printing is HP Deskjet 3634.

From benefits such as a compact printer-scanner that is used for not just one but many tasks along with features that come along with it such as wireless printing, easy connection with multiple devices, quick ready to use ink, affordable and manageable with all kinds of tasks.

Not only this but even a connection with their HP mobile app can help to keep track and complete tasks.

The HP Deskjet comes with a variety of features and one of the major ones is scanning. One can also easily scan their documents smoothly. Though the question of worry comes into the picture now and that is with their HP Deskjet 3634 how to scan?

HP Deskjet 3634 How to scan.

To answer the question of HP Deskjet 3634 how to scan, one can follow the steps mentioned below which are pretty simple to deal with the issue of HP Deskjet 3634 how to scan;

Set up the printer

  • Firstly, set up the printer by following the prompts that is take it out of the box carefully, insert the pages, ink cartridges, plug in the printer, power it on, and then set up the settings as required.
  • Direct yourself to the HP site and get the software from the site. For product installation first, enter the product models and details then check the instructions to set the printer and initiate the procedure.

Initiate the process of HP Deskjet 3634 How to scan

  • After the procedure of setting up is taken care of, then open the lid of the scanner and very carefully and slowly place the sheet of document or paper that you want to scan on the scan glass.
  • Go to the menu of the scanner if your printer is a touchscreen or select the computer options through buttons.
  • Check for the computer and select it, once done click on the option to perform the scanning process.
  • Once the scanning is started, wait patiently until the entire process is over and then return back to the PC option.
  • The scanned document will open up automatically. Then press on the scan option.
  • If one cannot find the scan button on the printer or does not have the scan option in it, then they have to directly scan from the computer after the printer is connected with the computer and then going ahead.
  • For scanning through the computer, go to the HP account printer, then choose your printer until it opens up. After it opens through the Printer assistant, go to the option of scan a document and then through that choose a shortcut.
  • One can also alter the location of where the scan gets saved on the computer is before saving it, remember to click on edit.
  • One can also view their scan by clicking on preview before it gets saved so that one does not end up saving a blurry or a faulty version of the scan.
  • One can also deal with various settings of the scanner/printer by going to the advanced settings.

HP Deskjet 3634 How to scan on Mac

  • If one wants to scan through their Mac then similarly go to the HP device, type in the model, and choose your software to download it following with a scan software.
  • Place the document or the picture on the scanner glass and close the lid. Also note, that if your printer comes with the ADF feature then it would be possible to scan multiple pages at once.
  • To initiate the scanning one can simply press the scan icon in the control panel and begin scanning.
  • The rest of the process is the same, just make sure to enter the scan job type in scanning and choose scan.
  • Select on edit after clicking on the scanned thumbnail, go to send and save the folder but remember to edit the title before saving at your desired location.

Thus, after following the approaches mentioned, one can easily get the answer to their question of HP Deskjet 3634 how to scan and can easily get to scanning with their printers.

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