HP Envy 5055 Setup

HP Envy 5055 Setup

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Hello there! have you bought an H.P. Envy 5055 Printer? do not know a way to set it up? don’t be concerned, during this article, we’ll justify a way to Hp Envy 5055 Setup . Let’s start how to fix your HP Envy 5055 Setup .

Hardware Setup

  • Take the printer out of the box and take away all the materials covering the printer and also the scanner lid. Connect the power plug to the energy outlet and activate the printer by pressing the power on button present on the left facet panel.
  • When turned on for the first time your H.P. Envy 5055 printer might build some noise throughout the data format method. you will be asked to line the popular language, country of origin, date, and time.
  • The printer screen can currently raise you to install printer’s cartridges. To do that, open the cartridge entrance, install the tri-color cartridge on the rear cover of the cartridge. Use the orange pull tab to get rid of the tape that covers the electrical contact and ink nozzles.
  • Lift open the lock lever of the tri-color cartridge. Move the tri-color cartridge into its slot and make sure that it’s properly placed. shut the lock lever. Use this method once more to position all the cartridges.
  • Close the cartridge door. The printer can mechanically notice the ink cartridges and flash on a confirmation message. to move on to consequent step press OK.
  • After putting in place the ink cartridges, place the paper into the paper tray and slide the tray inside. The printer can mechanically notice the paper size and print an alignment page.
  • After receiving the alignment page, place the paper downward facing the scanner glad below the printer’s scanner lid supported the instruction given within the alignment page. shut the scanner lid.
  • The printer screen can raise whether or not to continue the scanning method. Press OK.
  • The alignment page can get scanned and on flourishing alignment, the message is going to be displayed within the printer’s visual display unit. Press okay to continue.

HP Envy 5055 Setup.

Wireless Setup

For Windows [ HP Envy 5055 Setup ]

  • Make sure your printer, router, and computer area unit switched on. Then, connect your computer to a constant wireless network as your printer.
  • Disconnect the USB or coax cable from your printer.
  • If you’ve got a pre-installed USB connection software package, establish a wireless network connection by removing the USB association software package.
  • Choose All programs and choose H.P. and open your printer software package. Then, choose H.P. envy 5055 printer setup and software package choice, choose to convert USB connected printer to wireless or connect a new printer.
  • Follow the on-screen directions to complete the printer setup on a wireless network.
  • For MacOS
  • Do not use a USB cable throughout the installation method. activate your router, laptop and printer.
  • Connect your computer to the same wireless network as your printer device.
  • Now, shut all of your running applications and disconnect your USB or the ethernet cable from the printer.
  • Select go in the top menu bar and choose Applications, choose the H.P. folder, and choose Device utilities.
  • To open H.P. Setup assistant, double-click thereon. Then, follow the on-screen directions to vary the USB connection to a wireless network connection.

Installing Drivers and software package for H.P. Envy 5055 Printer

After setting up the printer, install the H.P. Envy 5055 driver & software package through the installation CD. came in conjunction with the printer. Most of the pc and hardware makers offer a software package installation CD for various hardware devices and their supported versions. you’ll be able to additionally transfer the motive force and printing software package on-line by visiting www.123.hp.com/envy5055.

Driver and Print Setup in Windows

  • Load a stack of paper into the input tray. you’ll be able to get additional info from Load Media.
  • Select Print from the file menu of the software package application.
  • Users can even change the settings by clicking on the properties panel. the driver and software package would differ based on your printer.
  • After H.P. Envy 5055 printer installation, choose envy 5055 Printer preferences from the printer setup.
    Choose your printing task from the printing shortcuts list.
  • The current default settings of the shortcuts are going to be displayed. Then, when choosing the settings you’ll be able to choose the printing by clicking OK.

Driver And Print Setup In MacOS

  • Before commencing the H.P. Envy 5055 printer installation method, load paper into the input paper tray.
  • Then, you’ll be able to retrieve additional info by using the Load Media, choose Page Setup from the File menu.
  • Then, choose your preferred envy 5055 printer from the pop-up menu. Next, set your page attributes, paper size, orientation and scaling and choose OK.
  • In H.P. Envy 5055 driver & software package application choose print from the file menu.
  • Now, the printer that you simply area unit getting to use ought to be selected .
  • Then, you’ll be able to additionally modification the print settings by victimization the pop-up menu.
  • Finally, choose Print to start the printing.

Well that is all folks! we’ve reached the end of the article. By currently you must have learnt a way to HP Envy 5055 Setup . If just in case you are addressing any issues or have any queries regarding HP Envy 5055 Setup or any other printers, feel free to comment down below.

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