HP Envy 5540 Wireless Setup


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HP Envy 5540 wireless setup

Hello, don’t know how to do HP Envy 5540 Wireless Setup then read the article and you will get to know how to fix this error.

HP envy features a vast line of products and devices that are attractive, affordable, and user-friendly. These products also make the daily activities and tasks easier when it comes to smooth functioning. With a wide range of productivity and manufacturing, HP printers are known to be the products that are transforming how technological devices are used and users can rely blindly on them.
One of such products is the HP Envy 5540.

The HP Envy 5540 is a storehouse for multiple functions and features that includes scanning, printing, copying, user-friendly functions, and easy management steps that is easy to use and easier to function. The printing speed is better and makes doing the task so much more fun.
However, now that one got their product, it is time to process the HP envy 5540 wireless setups.

HP envy 5540 wireless setup

To initiate the HP envy 5540 wireless setup, go through the steps mentioned below carefully and thoroughly;

Get started with the basics :

  • Firstly, take the printer out of the package carefully and place it in an appropriate position that is not directly placed in front of the sunlight.
  • Once done, fix all the cables and accessories carefully and connect the main plug with a power outlet to switch the power on, and initiate the HP envy 5540 wireless setup.
  •  Inserting and fixing the essentials-
  • Take out all the materials provided with the printer such as the manuals, trays, ink cartridges, papers, etc.
  • Carefully insert the ink cartridges in the appropriate place carefully and make sure they are fixed in their position.
  • Take out the pages and load them in the tray and take care about not stuffing or overloading them. Check if they are inserted and fixed properly and scan for the initial processing and ‘press okay’ when the prompt directs

Set up the printer with the wireless method :

  • To process the HP envy 5540 wireless setup, first, switch on the printer gently and when it opens up, go on the settings in the main key panel, from there head to the option of the wireless settings menu to find the option of wifi.
  • Head to the option from where the wifi can be activated and start running.
  • Make sure that your wifi router is in range and accessible. Also, keep in mind that the internet connection should be stable.
  • Once done, find the options of available internet connections and select the one.
  • Make sure to deactivate other connections that are visible on the range and only select the one that is required.
  • You should then receive a notification highlighting if the network connection has been processed successfully.
  • The wireless light should change to blue which signifies that the printer is successfully connected to the internet connection and is ready to work now.

Connect to a device :

  • To connect the HP Printer with devices such as mobiles, computers, etc. so that one can easily and directly print from the device without much hassle or issues.
  • Keep in mind that the device should also be connected to a similar network or internet connection as the printer.
  • Then, go ahead with logging in or signing up on the main website and from there if you are connecting the printer with the computer then download the printer software driver and follow the prompts, however, if you wish to connect your mobile phone with the device then get the HP mobile app.
  • In the computer, simply connect the computer to the printer through USB or simply connect and activate the printer to give it direct commands from the computer.
  • If, you are connecting a mobile, tab or iPad with the printer, then enter the product details in the app, follow the prompts to connect the two, and get started with easy and smooth printing directly from the device itself through the share option on any picture after which all you have to do is click the option of print and select the particular printer to start printing.Thus, after following the methods and approaches mentioned above one can easily initiate and complete the HP envy 5540 wireless setup. In case, of any issues, one can always direct themselves to get professional assistance and get easy answers to their queries.

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