HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup


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HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup

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Hello, there are you facing any error regarding HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup. then don’t worry here in this article you will completely know ow you can fix this error:

HP Envy photo printer is a product launched by HP that did not fail to bring excitement and smiles to people’s lives. Introduced with brand new features and characteristics, it is a product that is worth the investment. Just imagine those favorite pictures printed on that glossy shiny paper before one can even blink their eye because that’s how fast and smooth the working of HP envy photo 7155 is. The best part about it does not just stop there as it is also environment friendly.

HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup

Now that one has bought the product they cannot obviously wait to get their hands on the printer and begin to use it. Just one little hold up though! HP envy photo 7155 setup is still remaining.

Here are some simple steps for HP envy photo 7155 set up

Unpacking and set up

Unpack the box so that the new HP envy photo 7155 setups can begin. Connect it to power and look for any loose ends, then switch in on by pressing the home button slightly.


Initially, when one switches on the printer for the first time, they would be asked to put in their details and other credentials like language, location, region, etc. Make sure to fill in the details correctly.


One can now begin with the installation that is inserting the ink cartridge, carefully take off the tape from the display which highlights the colors and the ink nozzles, and then insert the colored ink bottles and the black cartridge slightly in their assigned slots and make sure they fit in properly also take care of the fact that the ink bottle color matches the color option on the printer.

-Control panel will then show a message, press on okay.

Complete the process

Once the installation part is done and the HP envy photo 7155 set up is almost done, load the stack of papers.

-Once that step is completed the printer will then automatically print a page for the testing purpose.

-After that step is completed, one is supposed to scan the paper with the scanning purpose that is on the glass.

-Once all these steps are completed, a message will pop up on the screen that reads ‘Alignment successful’. Click on the continue button to proceed ahead.

-The printer has now manually completed the setup and is ready to get connected to the USB drive or to a wireless network to begin with transfer of data and pictures to then print them.


-To connect with either the laptop/computer follow the instructions provided in the manual to download the HP driver, installing it, insert the USB drive, after which inserting the details and the credentials as asked and the laptop should be connected with the printer to help take things smoothly further on with the features all listed.

-To connect the printer with the wireless network, make sure that both the computer, laptop, and phone, basically any device that you want the printer to be connected with is using the same Wi-Fi or the wireless network as the printer is using now.

-Make sure that the wireless network is not lagging because of any internet connection, faulty network issues or any loose wires that might prevent the communication between any of these devices.

If there are any issues or glitches that occur while setting up the printer, one could always review the instructions in the manual again, and if it still continues to persist then directly calling for professional assistance for help with the setup.

If you are having any questions regarding hp printer setup then you can call us directly at our toll-Free no.

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