HP Laserjet Pro m402n Wireless Setup


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HP Laserjet Pro m402n Wireless Setup

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Hello, there are you facing any error regarding HP Laserjet Pro m402n Wireless Setup then don’t worry here in this article you will completely know how you can setup this wirelessly:

The importance of printers are evident and visible for any working individual, from assignments to printing notes and from printing pictures to making copies. Every single task that surrounds a work or school life is highly dependent on printers. Long gone are the days when people had time to waste and would spend hours in line for getting something printed in a local stationary shop. Ever since market started producing similar products at much more affordable rates and convenient working with guarantees, people have shifted towards buying the products as the demand and the supply for the printers exponentially increased.

With that, one of the major companies, HP did not stay far away too long and started the manufacturing of products at a much higher scale with different unique variations. One of such printers was recently launched in the market by them that is, HP Laserjet Pro m402n with one year warranty to great printing speed to keep its customers satisfied, HP laserjet pro satisfied and did justice for the consumers who expected highly.

As one finally dives into the temptation of buying a product, one little task remains before they can finally initiate the process of using the product which is- HP Laserjet Pro m402n.

The process might not be difficult or intricate, however, one really needs to be cautious and precise with the details before they start with the HP Laserjet Pro m402n Wireless Setup.

HP Laserjet Pro m402n Wireless Setup

Here are some simple steps for HP Laserjet Pro m402n Wireless Setup


  • Unpacking-

Unpack the printer gently and take out all the contents and parts from the box carefully. Make sure the temperature that the printer is in is not too high or low and the printer is not placed with direct sunlight hitting it.


  • Loading-

Open the loading tray, adjust and fix the tools along with the guides. Make sure it stays in alignment to whichever size of paper will be used.

Once that is done then load the paper carefully. Keep in mind to not over fill or use the wrong sizes of paper else the printing will not go through smoothly or at all.

Then gently close the tray after the paper is loaded in right intensity and of right size.


  • Connect to power-

Use the power cable connected with the printer and connect it to the socket.

Turn the printer on with the switch button.

On the control panel, enter the details as prompted and use the right credentials.


  • USB connection-

If one will be using the USB drive, then make sure to follow the prompts as suggested and download the software installation first and when one is provided with options, use the connect to USB driver

However, if one is using mac then connect the USB driver before downloading and installing the software.


  • Wireless network-

One can also connect their printer to a wireless network, instead of the USB connection, for that simply after connecting the printer to power, connect it to the wireless network then, the option for which will be available in the settings.

Continue in the control panel and the IP address for your network should reflect, however if that does not happen then one can also manually configure the IP address.

If one wants to connect the printer to a computer then they can go on the website, enter the model name, download the software and follow the prompts while making sure that both laptop and printer are connected to the same network.

Similarly for phone and tablets, make sure both the devices are connected to the same wireless network and then the printing can be initiated. Sometimes, the phone will require downloading the app or the software from the app store or the play store, after which it gets connected to the printer.

The printer should be connected properly by now and can initiate the process of printing and completing one’s task smoothly.

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