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Malware is a malicious software that refers to the threat and is created for performing the unauthorized or the harmful action. Some examples of malware are adware, Trojans, viruses, spywares etc. If you are unable to connect to the Internet just after cleaning of malwarebytes, then the proxy server or the Domain Name System setting has been changed the location by the malware. Because these malware and adware are capable of changing the settings by their own and add their own address which contains infection and because of which while browsing you see ads and even after remove the malware the DNS server remains and have to be removed manually in order to connect to the Internet.

Countries  Toll-Free Number
Malwarebytes support number USA  1-800-934-1090
Malwarebytes tech support number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
Malwarebytes tech support number Australia  0384004575
Malwarebytes support number Canada  1-800-934-1090
Malwarebytes support number New Zealand  800-449-076

Internet not working after malwarebytesSteps to resolve Internet not working after malwarebytes :

To remove the malware following things you can do :
Download, install and run JRT, Roguekiller and adwcleaner. If not able to download in the infected device then download it in other device with Internet connection.

  • Run windows repair
  • Reset the settings of Proxy server
  • Reset the DNS settings
  • Reset web browser’s settings

Note : reset proxy and DNS settings to default, as well as reset the settings on each of your web

You can download the free scan as it will identify the main cause of your problem and for removal of the malware you have to install and activate the licensed version of Re image repair software. But sometimes after removal of malware the proxies amd the DNS settings are not restored, mostly when done manually because of which the Internet connection may lost. And if you are able to open any browser and getting pop up displaying " The proxy server is not responding ", then it means that still malware is present and is needed to delete it in order to bring back the lost Internet connection. If the above didn’t worked the the below mentioned steps will help to resolve Internet not working after malwarebytes  :

  • Change your proxy server to the default in settings.
  • Change the DNS settings to the default settings.
  • Reset your browser and keep it as your default settings.
  • Scan your computer with the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software.
  • Scan your computer with the Hitman Pro

Note : You can also scan your computer with the Zemana AntiMalware (only if needed).

You can also give a try to system restore rather then uninstalling the malware amd the malwarebytes. For system restore you can follow the following steps :

  • Go to start.
  • Then all programs.
  • Click on Accessories.
  • Go to System Tools.
  • Click on the System Restore.
  • Then follow the instructions shown on the screen.
  • Open your control panel
  • Click on Local area connection or the Network connection.
  • Click on " Enable this Network " or " Repair this Network ".

Another Method to resolve “Internet not working after malwarebytes”

To fix this problem “Internet not working after malwarebytes” you can also try this method :

  • Open your registry
  • Click on start and then run and type the word "regedit ".
  • Click on file and then import and check for the most recent backed up regisrty file.
  • Import it from the folder.

Do not get involved again with this issue again you should keep your software up-to-date. As the virus takes advantage of it and spread the infection. Also you should avoid taking actions that may put your computer or device at risk and may get infected. For this you should not open the spam or unsolicited email attachment and should not visit the unknown websites or download the apks or anything from untrustworthy site. This software removes the malware automatically without removing it manually. This is trusted and approved by the professionals to remove the error.

If still you are not able to deal with the issue after trying so hard then you can call to the malwarebytes tech support number at 1-800-934-1090 They are available 24/7 to help you with all the issues. You can contact us anytime.

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