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The printer is one of the machines we use in day to day life. In student’s life or a work life, we deal with printing machines for our projects, assignments etc. Kodak printers are one of the best brands of printers. But as other printer, Kodak printers do also face certain problems. like Kodak printer printing blank pages. The fault might have occurred due to misplacement of a cartridge or maybe the setting is wrong. This article deals with various troubles that occur in printers and its corresponding solution.

The main reason for the printer’s dysfunction are:

  1. Ink cartridge misplacement
  2. Low ink levels
  3. Printhead blockage
Countries  Toll-Free Number
Kodak Printer support number USA  1-800-934-1090
Kodak Printer support number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
Kodak Printer support number Australia  0384004575
Kodak Printer support telephone number Canada  1-800-934-1090
Kodak Printer Support number New Zealand  800-449-076

Most printers have a cleaning routine were you tell the printer to go through a cleaning cycle. This will be a program on your computer or a button on the printer itself.

  1. Ink cartridge misplacement

The problem with your printer maybe that the cartridge is not placed properly. As this is the simple step, People often tend to be careless.

Solution: Open the top of your Kodak printer and take out the ink cartridge, now put it back carefully in their respective position, now print a rough copy in order to check whether the problem in solved.

  1. Low ink levels

This is a problem usually faced by all. When the level of ink is low, the printer usually shows certain uncomfortable in printing. Some printers notify when the ink finish or a week before.

Kodak printer printing blank pages

Solution: Open the top of your Kodak printer and take out the ink cartridge and check then one by one whether there is abundant ink available and if not refill them with ink prescribed or the original ink.

  1. Printhead blockage

Due to excess use, Printhead gets blocked not allowing the ink to transfer from cartridge to the paper. A number of cleanings can take care of clogged print head.

Solution for Kodak printer printing blank pages Problem :

Open the top shelf of the printer and carefully separate the print head from the machine. Now using a clean piece of cloth dipped in warm water, clean the print head carefully. Once the cleaning is done, put back the print head carefully and check whether it is properly installed.

If you are careful enough we suggest to clean your printer manually if not we recommend you to ask for the help of a technician rather than cleaning it by yourself. In order to deal with machines with must have utmost knowledge about what we are dealing with. If we are not sure to repair a printer it’s better to call up a technician to clear up the problem.

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