[Solved] Microsoft office encountered an error during setup

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Microsoft office encountered an error during setup? Not anymore !!

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Microsoft office encountered an error during setup? Not anymore

Microsoft office encountered an error during setup

MS Office is one of the most widely used data processing application suites that is being used by billions of people all across the world. Not much time has passed since Microsoft launched Office 2013. There are many people who have reported several issues a list of which have been mentioned below:

  • Microsoft office encountered an error during setup for 2013 version
  • Microsoft office encountered an error during setup for 2007 version
  • Microsoft office professional plus 2010 encountered an error during setup in Windows 8/ Windows 10
  • Microsoft office 2013 encountered an error during setup windows 10
  • Microsoft office home and business 2010 encountered an error during setup
  • Microsoft office 2013 encountered an error during setup windows 10
  • Unable to install the office 365

One of which most common one is the error displaying Microsoft office encountered an error during setup. Mostly this error crops up while installing MS Office 2013. On closing the dialog box displaying this message another error is being displayed mentioning “Microsoft setup bootstrap has stopped working “. If you wish you can try to resolve the error by erasing the registry keys. In case the issue still persists then you can follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • Get a fixit tool from this link here
  • After getting this tool, try to uninstall the MS office suite which has been installed on your system
  • Install the suite again but make sure that this time you install it in a clean boot. In case you are not aware of clean boot then you need to do the following:
    • Open the Run Command dialog box
    • Now type exe
    • A “System Configuration” window will pop up.
    • Here you will need to select the option “Selective Startup”
    • Unchecked all the boxes mentioned within Selective Startup
    • Now click on “Apply”
    • Select “Yes” in the dialog box that appears after you have clicked “Apply”
    • Once the system has rebooted, you have set your system in the Clean boot mode
    • Now you can install the MS Office suite in your system
  • In case you are willing to switch back to the Normal Startup then follow the below mentioned steps:
    • Go to Start Menu
    • Type Run in the search box
    • Open the Run Command dialog box
    • Type exe
    • Again “System configuration” Pop up will open
    • This time you need to select “Normal Startup”
    • Click on “Apply”
    • Select Yes to Restart

You will be switched back to Normal mode. In case you are still facing the same issue over and over again then try to report the issue to the support page of Microsoft. The technical experts at the site will help you in getting the issue resolved. You can even contact them by way of toll-free numbers and can talk to them in person. You can make a call at the number mentioned below and can contact the technical experts at your own convenience.

So, try to follow the above mentioned steps in order to resolve the issues. In case you are not able to solve them, you can contact the experts at the number mentioned above.

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  • Benon Reply

    That’s really shwred! Good to see the logic set out so well. i do appreciate the way you solved the problem regarding Microsoft office encountered an error during setup

  • motoapk Reply

    I really liked your blog. Much thanks again. Much obliged.

  • Michael Reply

    I really like the way they fixed my problem real quick .. Thanks

  • Mclauren Reply

    I’m very thankful for your support

  • Samuel Reply

    Happened with me many times when i’m installing Ms office in my windows 10. You guys helped me solving the error during setup thing. Thanks

  • Jason Reply

    I tried installing office in clean boot but still the problem is not resolved and it still flash “microsoft office professional plus 2010 encountered an error during setup”

    • Jurita Reply

      I’m facing same problem

  • arshkapoor Reply

    I am getting “office 2016 encountered an error during setup” i tried following the steps given on other websites but didnt helped please solve the problem for me…

  • peppi Reply

    Really informative and helpful article. Thanks

  • peppi Reply

    Having trouble while trying to install microsoft office in windows 10 but Thanks to this article for solving my problem…

  • Ricky Reply

    Can I install microsoft office on mac?

  • Ricky Reply

    Having error while installing microsoft office on ipad. How will i do?

  • ferdos silvester Reply

    I am getting this error again and again team please call me at 9878856342

  • nivana Reply

    my number is 8936710098 I am getting this error 12007 please call me

  • raxsaw Reply


    I keep getting this error no matter what I do.

    I guess this is the main problem for setup logs as it is the first “value 3” in the log file.

    2017/04/10 23:54:24:747::[3176] MSI(INFO): ‘CAQuietExec: Entering CAQuietExec in C:\Windows\Installer\MSIC41F.tmp, version 3.7.2921.0’
    2017/04/10 23:54:24:747::[3176] MSI(INFO): ‘CAQuietExec: “schtasks.exe” /create /f /tn “Microsoft\Office\OfficeTelemetryAgentLogOn2016” /xml “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office16\1033\officeinventoryagentlogon.xml”‘
    2017/04/10 23:54:24:856::[3176] MSI(INFO): ‘CAQuietExec: ERROR: The system cannot find the path specified.’
    2017/04/10 23:54:24:856::[3176] MSI(INFO): ‘CAQuietExec: ‘
    2017/04/10 23:54:24:856::[3176] MSI(INFO): ‘CAQuietExec: Error 0x80070001: Command line returned an error.’
    2017/04/10 23:54:24:856::[3176] MSI(INFO): ‘CAQuietExec: Error 0x80070001: CAQuietExec Failed’
    2017/04/10 23:54:24:856::[3176] MSI(INFO): ‘CustomAction CAOSMRegisterLogonTask.x64.1033 returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)’
    2017/04/10 23:54:24:872::[3176] MSI(INFO): ‘Action ended 23:54:24: InstallExecute. Return value 3.’
    Please help me to rectify it!

  • Jhon Reply

    Microsoft Office is a very popular and important for every computer users. At times when a lot of users faces problems to setup Microsoft Office. If you face the same problem solve your problem the best office support team

  • moy Reply

    I am also having problem in installing mircosoft office on pc, actually I uninstalled it for a certain reason, I downloaded another Office 2013 Professional Plus , when I try to install it, during the installation, I get a message saying “Office has encountered an error during setup” , I tried many solutions I could find on the internet like deleting registry keys and so on, but the problem wasn’t resolved.

  • Williams Reply

    I’ve at long last gotten Office 2003 off the beaten path so I can introduce 2010. Sadly, every time I attempt, this mistake shows up.

    Accommodating as ever, no additional data (not in any case an insignificant blunder code) is given.

    Does anyone have any thoughts regarding what is happening and how I can cure this? Kindly don’t make my return to 2003… it’s quite obsolete for a Windows 7 PC.

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