[Fixed] How to reactivate AOL Mail Account ?


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Simple steps to reactivate AOL Account

Sometimes we take up a subscription for something and after using it for a while we forget about it and also forget that we need to renew or reactivate the account. The same thing applies for the AOL account that the user has created as he or she might have taken some subscription and after using it for some time they start ignoring about it or stop using the services and have forgotten to renew their subscription or cancel it and hence their account has been deactivated.

Reactivate aol account

You can contact our experts :

Countries  Toll-Free Number
AOL Mail support number USA 1-800-934-1090
AOL Mail customer support number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
AOL Mail phone support number Australia  0384004575
AOL Mail support telephone number Canada  1-800-934-1090
AOL Mail support number New Zealand  800-449-076

To activate the AOL Account we can do various steps :

  1. We can reactivate our paid subscription.
  2. We can change the existing plan of the AOL account.
  3. Also, we can cancel the previous subscription that has been taken for the AOL account.
  4. If there is premium subscription then we can also cancel it anytime.

You can resolve the issue by viewing this video :

1. How to reactivate the paid subscription?

  1. We need to sign in to our account by clicking on my account link.
  2. After logging in go to my services then click on My Subscriptions.
  3. After that, we need to locate the service or the product that we want to subscribe to it or activate and then download it. After that go to the subscription information, and then copy and paste the URL for access that has been given in a separate tab of a browser and window.
  4. For the product that we are activating depending on that, we may be redirected to a download file or any other page where there is information for member login. By chance if we don’t have our login information then we can click on the Forgot Password link an then we can follow the steps that are there to get our password.
  5. After the logging in is done then we can follow the instructions that are shown on screen and then begin to use the services.

2. How to change the paid AOL plan?

The plans that AOL comes out has a lot of great features that help in keeping us safe and secure. To find the right plan for myself we need to follow the following steps :

  1. We need to visit my account link.
  2. Then we need to click My services.
  3. After that click on the My Subscription page.
  4. For whatever plan we need to change click on the Manage button or link.
  5. We might need to verify the account if it is prompted.
  6. After that go to the My Products page and then click on the change plan option.
  7. After that click on select plan to choose the new plan.
  8. Then we need to confirm the changes.
  1. How to cancel the paid AOL Plan?

To get access to the AOL email we can cancel our already paid plan and then change to the free plan and get continued access to the AOL account.

  1. Again visit the My Account page.
  2. Then click on my services icon.
  3. After that click on the My Subscriptions page.
  4. Then we can select manage for the plan we need to cancel.
  5. At the bottom of our login page click on the cancel billing option.
  6. After that select reason for cancellation and then confirm it.

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You can also get errors like AOL server error | AOL mail not currently available | AOL mail is not working | Unable to login to AOL account


  • Nichole H Reply

    How can I reactivate an account that got deleted I don’t need any of the emails, but it’s tied to an account that I forgot it password and since aol deleted my email I can’t get the recovery code please help

    • arshkapoor Reply

      Call on our support number to talk to an Aol expert. The support number is 1-800-934-1090

  • Nichole Hatchard Reply

    Get into deleted account

  • John Reply

    this is good article . it helped me

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