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Error: Bitdefender blocking printer      

Manufacturer: Bitdefender Antivirus 

Support: Bitdefender Antivirus Support 

Description: While using Bitdefender 2019, a firewall may block the connection between the system and the other device.

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A firewall module is being attached to the BEST which is basically known as the Bitdefender endpoint security tools. With the help of some of the settings which it does have, it might also hamper the communication which does happen with the network printers. A new rule has to be created in the gravity zone web console in order to fix this issue and also various other configurations are to be edited for this specific reason.

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Reason for getting errors like Bitdefender Firewall blocking Network Printer 

There are a few steps which are required in order to enable network printing. Some of them are as follows:

  • In the very step, one has to log in themselves in the gravityzone web console.
  • Coming to the to the step which is the second one, one has to go for the navigation of the policies and have to click on the option that is the policy which is being applied to.
  • In the third step, what needs to be done is that the firewall is to be selected in order to reveal the options of the list of editing in the format of the drop-down. All these things are to be taken place on the page of the policies.
  • In order to edit, one has to click on the option which says edit.
  • All the respective adapters are to be set in the mode yes in the column which is of the network discovery. This is to be done in the option which is the adapters.
  • Now, the button save is to be clicked.
  • In order to go for further editing, one has to select the option rules in the category which says firewall.
  • The eighth step is selecting the button to add and also choosing the rule type of respect as the application.

Now, coming to the window which says adding the rule firewall, a list of information of a few required fields are to be completed which are also listed below:

  1. The name of the rule: this thing is all about typing any name of one’s choice for the specific rule.
  2. The path of the application is the second most thing which is very necessary in this case.
  3. The third thing is about the address type which must be local be it any.
  4. Coming to the address of the remote which says that the address of the IP is to be inserted here.
  • The tenth step includes leaving all the settings which are left in the values of default and then clicking the save button. At this point in time.
  • Now, at this step, one has to go for setting the rule which says printing the network rule and also setting it as allowing in the column which does say permission.
  • In the twelfth step, one has to go for clicking the save button in order to further save it.
  • The last step is applying the respective policy to their respective endpoints and also includes checking whether the printing of the network is being available or not.

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