The active directory domain services is currently unavailable


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The active directory domain services is currently unavailable

While working with documents and printers in Microsoft  Office , it often happens that the Office  suite is unable to print the documents. This very problem can occur with any of the components of the Microsoft Office be it Excel or word Files. The moment you try to get a print out of the documents, you find an error popping up as – The Active Directory Domain Services is currently unavailable, which means that the printer hasn’t been detected and therefore the process cannot be carried out further.

The active directory domain services is currently unavailable

Conversely, this problem doesn’t occur while using  other applications for some unknown reasons and the printer is easily detected too. Now, if you are wondering  why this error is prevalent in the case of MS Office components only, the answer is that the user permissions do not allow the printer to be listed in MC Office due to which it cannot be detected either. There are a couple of steps and fixes you can take to get rid of this the active directory domain services currently unavailable issue.

Some people suspect it to be a flaw of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, but complaints about  the users of Windows 7 facing the same error while trying to print some document via MS Office applications have also been registered. Since this is happening with all the famous brands of the printers like HP, Canon, etc. All these issues are just with User permissions which isn’t allowing your printer.

List of few of the methods to fix The active directory domain services is currently unavailable error :

There are several methods to fix this issue, but we will start with basic troubleshooting as majorly all problem get solve by this step only. If it does not work then, we can proceed with the main methods.

Basic Printer Troubleshooting :

  • In Windows Search (Win Button + W), search for Troubleshooting.
  • Now under the right panel of Troubleshooting Control Panel menu, click on View all and then select the Printer from the Window that appears.
  • Now follow the Basic Printer Troubleshooting steps. Most probably your problem will get solved.

Check and Update Printer Drivers :

Sometimes such errors occur because of outdated drivers or some issues with drivers. In such a situation you can go for Driver Scan.

Now, a few more methods for shunning off this error:

Method 1: Using Registry Editor and Giving Permissions:

  • Press  Win + R and in the dialogue box that appears enter ‘regedit’ followed by a click on ok.
  • Having run the regedit, from the left pane of the registry editor, go to the following:

               HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

  • Next, there will be three sub keys in the current Version key- the Devices, Printer Ports, and the Windows. Now, to get the permission, all you need to do is click each one of them with a right click and from there choose permissions from each of them separately. Doing so a new window will appear.
  • From here, you are supposed to select the user account/usernames label on which the fix has to be done. Having done that you will have to tick mark on Allow in front of the ‘full control‘ option. Next, click on Apply and OK!

After that close the Registry Editor and restart your PC and unplug the printer and reinstall it again. The error is now gone, and the fix has been made. Now that you can easily detect the printer on MS Office components, the permissions can be changed from the step followed above.

Method 2: Accessing Permission Using Other Working Apps like Notepad :

In case the above method doesn’t work out or seems to be complicated, you can simply add the printer with the help of other apps for which the printer is working fine. Here, let us take the example of Notepad:

  • Close all the office components on your PC and visit Notepad. Under the File Menu Select File>>Printer or you can use shortcut Ctrl + P.
  • Now, from here you will have to select the option of ‘Find printer.’

Method 3: Restarting Print Spooler Service :

  • Open Run Command using Win +R. Now type services.msc and click OK.
  • Now Scroll Down to Print Spooler and check whether it’s is Running and Startup type should be Automatic.
  • If not, right-click on Print Spooler and open its Properties. Then start the service.
  • If it’s already running then, stop it and again start it.

I have listed all the methods, which can solve this error The active directory domain services is currently unavailable. Now you must not be having any problem while printing your documents with MS Office or any other app. If still, problem occurs, first go with basic troubleshooting and driver scan and then the methods.

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