Yahoo mail attachments not working properly [FIXED]

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Are your Yahoo mail attachments not working or behaving properly?

are yo worried about Yahoo mail attachments not working . It is irritating and embarrassing too especially during work when we experience the glitch in our yahoo mail attachments and that can be in any way like the file which anyone has shared is not getting downloaded. The scanning which automatically starts after we attempt to download any sort of attachment like any document, picture, or video doesn’t happen properly and thereby we cannot download or even see the attachment then and there. Yahoo mail shows an unknown error while we attempt to upload a file to share with anyone through the mail and many other types of glitches which maybe I haven’t found but the people around the world may have for which I can go on and on. So, the issue of Yahoo mail attachment is not working or behaving properly to suffice our needs has become a common problem all over the world.


Yahoo mail attachments not working properly

Hence, we came up with different ways through which you can rectify this problem.

Below are the different ways through which you can fix the issue of “Yahoo mail attachments not working”.

  1. Check your browser: First of all check your browser to see if you are using Internet Explorer for Yahoo mails or any other. Since Yahoo is no more compatible with Internet Explorer, some functions including the Yahoo mail attachments may not work as it is not compatible. Why? Because Yahoo mail is constantly updating but Internet Explorer is not. Yes, Microsoft has stopped all the updates to the Internet Explorer which doesn’t make it suitable to properly configured with the latest version of Yahoo Mail, and in near future by mid-2021 Microsoft will completely stop all other support to the Internet Explorer. Hence you must use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge and regularly clear your browsing history and cookies to use all the functionalities of Yahoo mail including Yahoo mail attachment glitch-free. Then your issue of “Yahoo mail attachment not working” will get resolved.
  2. Clear your plugins and associated apps which or unknowingly or unnecessarily got associated with your browser: Sometimes it happens that you are looking for different ways to resolve your mail attachment issues and eventually you get to know that the associated apps and plugins have disrupted the smooth flow of your Yahoo mail attachments. Now, why does this happen? Because sometimes it happens that from an unknown source, unknowingly some malware in the form of plugins and apps gets installed in your browser to not only disrupt your Yahoo mail attachments but everything or some of the things that you regularly do through your browser. Coming to the Yahoo mail attachments, so the effects of this malware could stop you from downloading the attachments or even properly attaching your file to share with someone as soon as it comes in touch with the browser you are using.

Hence make sure you regularly check and clean up unnecessary apps and plugins that are of no use and make you wonder how they came into your browser. Most importantly use any of the good Antiviruses like Kaspersky, Norton, or Bitdefender that would prevent every sort of malware to install in any browser and of course your PC as well. Many researchers have found that Norton works perfectly with Yahoo but anyway, all the aforementioned Antiviruses work great in removing every sort of Malware from any Browser and works perfectly with any website including Yahoo mail.

  1. Check your file size: Yahoo only supports file attachment sizes of up to 25MB. Thereby if your file size is above 25MB then you cannot attach any file and Yahoo will ask you to share through Dropbox. However, send it as a compressed ZIP file. Then your problem of “Yahoo mail attachments not working” or behaving properly will get settled.
  2. Attachment filename: Make sure that the attachment file name does not contain any special character like dot, at the rate, coma, hashtag, just to name a few. Remember one thing that any special character in the file name becomes a hurdle while sending a file as a mail attachment.

Now significantly though you can use all the or any of the ways to resolve your Yahoo mail attachment issue, you can also directly contact the Yahoo customer care service through their toll-free number to get immediate resolution to your problem.

Feel free to comment below for any query related to Yahoo mail attachments not working properly.

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